Readings in Modern Korean History

EALC-E 600 — Fall 2019

Michael Robinson
Swain East 009
Days and Times
W 5:45 - 8:15 p.m.
Course Description

This is an intense reading seminar that focuses on the main historiographic issues in modern Korean history.  We will be reading and discussing the main themes to at least one book a week.  Major themes that emerge from this reading form the core knowledge with which to confront the rest of a growing historical literature on Korea’s modern experience.  There will be emphasis on the nationalist narrative of Korea.  Understanding how this narrative emerges in both Korean nationalist that outsider versions is important in grasping some of the major intellectual controversies that shape contemporary Korean political discourse and its internal political conflicts (both North and South). Along the way the readings will touch on other important topics relative to Korea’s modern history:  foreign relations, colonialism and neo-colonialism, economic development, social change, urbanization, and the rise of mass capitalist culture.  Chronologically the readings will cover the late 19th century and extend into contemporary times.

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