Issues in East Asian Society–Introduction to North Korea

EALC-E 204 — Spring 2019

Ria Chae
Lindley Hall 035
Days and Times
TR 4:00–6:30 p.m.
Course Description

Is North Korea a normal state or an outlaw in the international order? Does it behave rationally or is it illogical and unpredictable? Do North Koreans support the regime simply out of fear? Do they genuinely hate the United States? This course explores these and many other questions students may have about one of the most secretive and isolated countries in the world. We will seek answers to these questions in political, social, and cultural history of North Korea from its origin in the early twentieth century to its bid for recognition as a nuclear state in today’s world. Along with the textbook and academic articles, the course utilizes a variety of primary materials including films, art, music, newspaper articles, and witness testimonies from North and South Korea, the US, and beyond. No prior knowledge of Korean history is necessary; all you need is curiosity and readiness to read, question, and debate with an open mind.

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