Korean Language and Culture

EALC-E 305 — Spring 2020

Hyo Sang Lee
Woodburn Hall 104
Days and Times
MW 1:00 - 2:15 p.m.
Course Description

Language is an important window through which one can understand the culture and society of the people who use it, because people's socio-cultural behaviors and attitudes as well as thoughts and world views are reflected upon their use of the language. We will deal with such topics as greetings, language of emotion and morality, kinship terminology, color terms, sexism and language, language and gender, names and titles, noun classification, luck & taboo words, proverbs and old sayings, sound symbolism, communication styles, politeness, Korean writing system (particularly its cultural background and cultural implication), metaphors, loan words, etc. We will look through the cultural and conceptual as well as philosophical makeup of Korean people, and the structure of Korean society, as reflected by the Korean language.

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