South Korean Education: Examination Hell or Model for the World?

E350 — Spring 2020

John Finch
Woodburn Hall 009
Days and Times
TR 4:00 p.m.–5:15 p.m.
Course Description

Topic: South Korean Education: Examination Hell or Model for the World?

This course examines the role of education in contemporary South Korean society. Building on a historical legacy of two thousand years of formal education, South Korea has transformed itself from post-war devastation into one of the world’s most successful modern nations. And simultaneously, the meritocratic aspect of Korean education enabled individuals from humble backgrounds to achieve success.  As a nation, Korea has exceptionally high enrollments in tertiary education, and maintains a system of high quality universities. However, while the benefits of Korea’s obsession with education have been substantial, there is also a significant downside to the hyper-competitiveness that has overtaken the Korean education system. Not only does the Korean education system impose unmanageable amounts of stress on students, but it has also become less open, so that individuals without substantial family resources have little opportunity for social mobility.

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