Issues in East Asian Literature–Textual Rebirths: Myths and Legends in Contemporary East Asia

EALC-E 201 — Spring 2018

Susan Hwang
Wylie Hall 101
Days and Times
TR 1:00–2:15 p.m.
Course Description

How can we explain the lasting popularity of the legendary Chinese monkey king as it manifests through Dragon Ball? What accounts for the countless reincarnations of “woman warrior” or “white serpent” archetypes in contemporary media? How and why do East Asian myths and legends travel beyond the time, language, and culture in which they are born? Students will analyze the transnational aspects of such diverse texts as manga, films, songs, and “webtoons” and what that reveals about East Asian societies, politics, and culture. All readings, viewings, and listenings will be in English translation.

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