Studies in East Asian History–South Korean Film and National Identity

E352 — Spring 2018

John Finch
Wylie Hal 009
Days and Times
MW 5:45–7:00 p.m. (screenings on Wednesday)
Course Description

Topic: South Korean Film and National Identity

This course examines Korean national identity through the lens of current films. The turbulent recent history of South Korea has produced a society that is engaged with a variety of local and global social forces in complex and contradictory ways. The sweeping social changes in South Korean society have engaged it in a struggle to redefine and re-examine itself, especially in terms of its relationship with North Korea. Contemporary Korean films provide an interesting entrée into these issues and how Koreans have been thinking about them. You will be exposed to a variety of films (with English subtitles) that deal with various issues pertaining to South Korea’s national identity. The readings for the course draw from the fields of anthropology, history, literature, women’s studies, and film studies. You will be given an opportunity to contextualize their learning through an understanding of the issues facing South Korea. Each week, the class will be organized around the screening of a feature film, preceded by an introduction to locate it in its cultural context and followed by a discussion.

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