Studies in East Asian Literature - Korean Popular Culture

EALC-E 300 — Fall 2020

Woodburn Hall 004
Days and Times
MW 5:45 - 7:00 p.m.
Course Description

This is a class for those who want to more deeply understand contemporary Korea through its fascinating popular culture products. The class will address the development of modern popular culture including literature, fashion, and games, but focusing on films, television, and music. We will track how the changes in technology and tastes of Korean people are linked to historical, social, and cultural shifts on the Korean peninsula. Although some classes may profile specific directors, actors, or musical artists this will be done to demonstrate key shifts in popular culture, and will relate their creative productions back to the context, Korea. At the end of the course students can expect to be familiar not just with a wide range of Korean cultural products but with how those products—across platforms—reveal the socio-cultural conditions of 21st century Korea. Students are not expected to be deeply familiar with Korean history, culture, or language. Class will use abundant film, drama, music and video clips, incorporate discussions based on academic articles and chapters, and require student analysis that connects popular culture to its context.


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