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In the late 1990s, Bill and Lynn decided to give back to IU in appreciation of the wonderful educational experience it provided their children. They consulted with Professor George Wilson who, at the time, was director of the East Asian Studies Center. Professor Wilson hoped to strengthen the Korean Studies effort at IU, and Bill and Lynn made the decision to help in this effort. They have been supporting Korean Studies ever since.

Bill continues to cultivate his interest in East Asia. He has spent considerable time studying the language, history, and culture of China, Japan, and Korea, and has visited these countries with Lynn. He attends Korean Studies colloquia and conferences to further his own education and to interact with students, which is what he enjoys most.

I'm very impressed with what the Institute for Korean Studies has accomplished. As a challenge for coming years, I hope the institute fosters the teaching of the Korean language in Indiana high schools and educating the public about the culture of the Korean people. While I recognize the need to educate students about current events in Korea, I also feel strongly that students should obtain a foundation in the ancient history, literature, music, geography, and other cultural aspects of the country to properly evaluate current events.

Bill Jackson, Research Scientist, Eli Lilly & Co., Biochemistry Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison