Overseas Study

Study abroad

Overseas study is an excellent way to improve language ability, explore another culture, and gain marketable skills. Many students study abroad in Korea every year. Check with IU’s Office of Overseas Studies to learn about opportunities available to you.

The College of Arts and Sciences offers a student exchange program in South Korea:

  • Yonsei University, Seoul-CIEE
    A growing center of pop culture, Seoul is also home to many global corporations. On the Arts and Sciences co-sponsored semester program, students will directly enroll in courses at Yonsei University. While these courses are taught in English, students will get to experience taking courses at Yonsei alongside other U.S., international, and South Korean students taught by local faculty.
  • Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), South Korea
    Students in a wide variety of disciplines can spend a semester or academic year studying at SKKU, either at the Humanities and Social Sciences campus in Seoul or the Natural Sciences campus in Suwon. Our institute offers scholarships for students chosen to participate in this exchange program.

Additional study abroad programs in South Korea include:

You might consider applying for a Boren fellowship to fund your study abroad experience. You can find other funding opportunities on the Overseas Studies website.

Visit IU’s Overseas Studies website