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Scholar-in-residence: Jae Kyung Lee

As part of the Core University Program grant from the Academy of Korean Studies, Professor Jae Kyung Lee was the scholar-in-residence for 2017 at the Institute for Korean Studies.

Jae Kyung Lee is professor emeritus of Women's Studies at Ewha Womans University. Trained as a sociologist, she has specialized in family issues and gender policies in South Korea. She has researched and published numerous articles and book chapters, and has authored and edited books. Her significant works include Modern Korean Family and Feminism, The State and Gender in South Korea (co-author),Feminist Oral History: Deconstructing Institutional Knowledge, and National Development and Gender Politics (co-author). She has completed a five-year research project titled "Becoming Modern: Women's Oral History, the Politics of National Division and Development in Postcolonial Korea."

While at Indiana University, Professor Lee conducted research, met with scholars, and offered a public lecture. Professor Lee also visited our partner institutions, giving public lectures at Purdue University, University of Louisville, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and the University of Kentucky.

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